Social Media & How to Use Social Media Marketing (Book Review)

Social Media: How To Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business

Author: FBB Publications
Genre: marketing, advertising, non- fiction

Are you on Social Media?

The chances of you saying yes is quite high, even I am on a few: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Granted I am not using Snapchat at the moment, it is hard to juggle so many medias alone. Not to mention it is quite a time consuming process to manage so many public profiles. Even with WordPress plugins, it is still a challenge.

I was lucky enough to be offered this book, Social Media: How To Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business by one of the authors to review. The book layout is simple, it has facts on why we should be using the latest platforms to market our business. How to do it is the part that I appreciated the most. I love how good books drop on my lap when I need it, there is indeed a higher power.

If you are reading this, may be because you too, are interested in finding ways to make your social media marketing work for you. Truthfully, unless you are a pro at marketing, chances are you will find this book helpful. I  did find some useful tips from the book. The ideas are simple and easily done, it does take some planning and a lot of courage.

Implementing it is another issue altogether, because of them of course!

Yeah, they are Prince and Princess Brat. I am currently trying to keep them both alive and decent, it is a struggle because Prince Brat’s favorite game is Peekaboo, but he does not close his own eyes. This photo is showing that Princess is not amused by my decision to place them both on the same chair. She does a cool evil eyes though.

This book is quite a helpful book to have and to read, mainly because it is in sections that I can bookmark and return to when I regain my sanity and time. When I have time, I will definitely try to use some of the things that I have learnt from this book.

Thank you to FBB Publications for Social Media. I definitely recommend this.
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