Neutrogena Hand Cream Review

Neutrogena Hand Creams Review : Concentrated vs Normal

DSC_0013These are used hand creams, just to let you know, my friend was clearing out her stash and gave me a lot of things. She couldn’t actually take it with them, but didn’t want it to do to waste. Since I love my hand creams, I took them both in.

The one on the left, red label is concentrated while the right blue guy is unscented. Not sure if they are sold in Australia, we do have Neutrogena hand creams but not the Norwegian formula =d

Norwegian Formula : concentrated

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At the back of Concentrated

 This contains methylparaben and propylparaben, for those who wants to know. The cream is more like an ointment than an oil- in- water formulation. With concentrated, this goes quite a long way with a pea size, although it feels quite luxurious when my hands are crying out for some cream. Yes, it is quite greasy initially, with fatty acids that make up a good percentage of this.

My only gripe is that the effect does not last that long, I think concentrated means you can use less for the same effect. Duration wise, it seems to be the same as the normal ones. As this is unscented, nothing to comment about the smell of it, which is chemically neutral. This tube says it is made in France =)

Neutrogena Hand Cream : Fragrance Free

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Definitely there is a difference : biggest one being it only has 1 fatty acid (stearic acid) instead of the concentrated version, which has stearic acid and palmitic acid. This smooths on easily and has little residue left after a massage. It lasts approximately the same time as the concentrated version. Maybe because I wash my hands a little too often? With kids you cannot be too careful with the whole hand wash habit.

Both are unscented, there are no fragrance listed, but does not mean that there is no smell. It just does not smell pretty or nice. The Norwegian formula works quite well in maintaining hydration, and it helps stop my skin from drying out too quickly.


A little sad about the parabens, but I get how these will need some serious preservation/ stabilization to stop the fatty acids from turning. For me, I am not concerned about it, as my skin is not sensitive so it does not bother me. But if it does bother you, probably not the best option there is.

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