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I have been fortunate enough to be a guest poster for a book review blog If These Books Could Talk
If These Books Could Talk- Guide to Manga

Women in Manga: The Force That Is CLAMP!

HPS pharmacies- Clinical Articles

I am required to submit clinical articles as part of my continuing professional education, I am fortunate enough to have two published in the internal magazine. These articles have to be carefully researched (never from Wikipedia) and written prior to publication.
Stepped Approach in Asthma Management
Herbs and Liver Enzymes


WordTrance is a blog for fiction writers and readers, aiming to share thoughts on both sides. The website also offers editing services. I have a few guest posts there, which I hope is still live.
Who Cares?
Lost in Translation
Two oh fourteen, books are coming
Of Same and Similarity
Transcending Mediums
Top 5 Indie Books
Reviving Classics

Sydney Unleashed

Sydney Unleashed is based in Sydney, Australia. This is an entertainment and lifestyle website that features a lot of coming and goings in the entertainment world.  I was one of the happy writers for Sydney Unleashed until life got in the way, it was my attempt to be a wannabe journalist.
Kim Kardashian
Last of Us
Mrs Carter is Back
RIP Cory Monteith
Chrome App Launcher
Google Chromecast
Mr Scrooge is Coming Back
 Zeta-Jones & Douglas Split?
Cyrus Engagement Off
Smart Watch: The Future?
RIP Nelson Mandela

I love games, and have been featured in a gaming review website, however that website has been taken down since then. I can send you a pdf copy of my work if you are interested, as I have the foresight to print them out.
Game, console or accessory reviews, I am your girl. RPGs preferred, be warned I am lousy at FPS. I own an Xbox 360, no plans on upgrading anytime soon.

Definitely a PC gamer.

E zinearticle Posts

Where else to start writing initially? Ezinearticle is a website that allows new writers like me to publish work. Feel free to browse through the various titles.
Gaming – The Good and Bad – Feb 2012
Skin Tears– Jan 2012
Batman: Arkham City– Dec 2011 
Getting to Know Deus Ex: Human Revolution– Dec 2011
Review for Nodame Cantabile – A Romantic Love Story– Nov 2011
Living Healthily in a Non-Sterile Environment– Nov 2011
Syndrome X: The Villain of Health– Nov 2011
Why My Daughter Would Not Be Reading Twilight– Nov 2011
Something to Enjoy Regularly– Oct 2011
Fallen by Lauren Kate: A Love Story That Breaks Your Heart– Oct 2011

Interested in including me in your next project? I am all fingers.

Are You Looking for a Beta Reader?

As a book reviewer, I can tell you much about your first draft.

Why do you need a beta reader?

A beta reader is someone who can read and critique your book from the point of view as a reader. A Beta is a valuable help for first time writers, or authors who are exploring a different genre. Aside from the story, a beta can pick up grammatical and time continuum errors.

Like my book reviews, my opinions will be honest. It can be brutal, but at least you will be ready for the real thing when you book publishes.

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