Book & Mask 2 : The Danish Girl and Cow Mask


Book and Mask 2

Over the weekend, I had managed to finish the Danish Girl, while doing facial. I love doing facial and reading when I can, especially when Hubby is home and Prince Brat is over at his grandparents. Princess Brat stays with me, mainly because Prince cannot stay home, and will drive anyone crazy if he does not get his daily outing.
This is the original cover of the book, before Hollywood came and changed it:

The original Hardcover

I wanted to read the book before watching Eddie Redmayne’s performance as Einar Wegener/ Lili Elbe. I admit that he is a great actor, he did well in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, but The Danish Girl is a whole kettle of fish, and I usually read the book to understand the movie better.

The Danish Girl Review

David Ebershoff is a writing teacher and an Editor at Random House, which is why The Danish Girl is a beautifully written piece based loosely on the first transgender woman in history. If you have not read it, I strongly urge you to do so. I fear that Eddie Redmayne can only do so much to portray a person who is torn apart by confusion.

The Danish Girl is well researched, with a lot of main points of her life in the book. He had also artfully ended the book before her death, so that the story ends on a high note. Yes, some may think that it is a fake happy ending, but it is a good one for Lili. The character growth and progression is slow, I felt that the pace could be a little bit faster.


The Danish Girl is a marvelously written book that would touch even the coldest hearts. An almost true story that you will remember Click To Tweet

You cannot make up things from the Danish Girl even if you want to, because it is loosely based on the real Einar Wegener and Lili Elbe. There had been letters, photos and correspondence about the whole real story.  To read it as fiction, filling in the gaps with my own imagination, is pretty cool.

Read it for Lili, read it for the beautiful words and style.

Watch it for Eddie Redmayne <3

Nourishing Cow Character Mask Review


No it does not look good on me

To pair with my reading, the Cow Mask. It is a nourishing  mask by the Face Shop. This mask is wet and drippy, but I left it on my face for about an hour. By then, I was half way through The Danish Girl.

This mask says: Moisturizing+Nourishing+Elasticity+Wrinkle Care, but it does not have the ingredients listed so I cannot tell you much about it.

Except that it works pretty well, despite only doing it once. I can feel the moisturizing effect very well, and I will have no doubt about its nourishing qualities. But the last two, might need more than one application to tell. As this Cow mask is a gift from a friend, I only have one.

The listed price on Amazon is $82 for a dozen, which equates to $6.83 per piece before you add postage. It is a little pricey, because I can find good quality ones from Japan for half the price before postage. It is a good and useful novelty gift, but essentially the price may determine if I buy it or not next time.

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