Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Scrub and Butter Review


Princess wonders what she’s doing there

With Princess Brat as my prop, I got these two to review together, because they were both birthday presents from a friend. Unfortunately, Flickr’s Aviary has issues and I cannot crop any photos, which is a pity. Happy Birthday to Me! This is my 1st present! I gave myself a phone last Christmas, hehe, I haven’t thought about what to give myself yet. But plenty of stuff to own.

First… the Scrub

Vanilla Chai Body Scrub is a sugar scrub, made predominantly with sugar, oil and the fragrance of vanilla and chai spice perfume. The recommended frequency is two to three times weekly. You dampen your skin and rub in circular motions. The smell is like chai tea, but not too overpowering with a hint of vanilla.


no i am not a good photographer at alll

As you can see from the cover, these are actually Christmas stock, and therefore limited edition. If you are a fan of the chai perfume, it is worth trying this Body Shop range. The product has good viscosity but the grainy texture does not seem too rough. However, if you want a finer scrub, try the Sukin Body Scrub, which has finer grains.

Even though it looks rough, the Body Shop sugar scrub is gentle on the skin, mainly because the prime ingredient is sugar. It washes of easily so might want to step out from the shower.


The Body Butter


It says 24- hour moisture for dry skin, unfortunately I am debunking that claim. As you know, Princess has severely dry skin. I had been using multiple formulations on her extremely dry skin during the 40C heat. Trust me when I say this does not actually do what it claims.

Unless your skin is just about of dryness, maybe. But any drier than itchy and peeling off, it does not apply. Sadly, because it would have been great not to use that many products. At the moment, I am using baby massage oil by Baby Bee (a Tasmanian company), followed on by paw paw ointment with Manuka honey. Intermittently, I am using Dermaveen lotion.

I have long since finished Epaderm, which is great until her skin tolerated it. Plus it is not cheap.

20170216056Result> Body Shop Butter 0 : Princess Brat: 1

Kind of disappointed about that, otherwise I liked the scent and the buttery smoothness of it. Prince Brat uses it too, so I don’t think this jar is going to last very long. However, if you know someone who has dry skin, I know that Body Shop does other scent/ flavors.

The butter absorbs well after bath/ shower and leaves no greasy residue. Worth considering if you are getting presents. Too bad this Christmas edition is going away soon, it is always nice to try something new. My favorite from them is still the original Shea Butter.

On that end, does anyone have any suggestions for Princess Brat’s extremely dry skin? I am all ears because she’s scratching herself silly at night. I am not getting enough sleep because she will then bleed and feel the pain, screaming like a banshee.

If you are going to tell me use a humidifier, it did not work… sorry.

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  • You could try to make some yourself with some oils she tolerates and a bit of beeswax to keep it on the skin. I know a lot of people who have had some success with coconut oil. She’s a cutie and I hope she finds relief!

    • coconut oil wasn’t enough though, I think since it’s coming to autumn her skin will calm a bit. If it doesn’t I will go to the beeswax method. Thank you!

  • cindyrina

    Sweetie Pie now Mommy’s model!!! I bet this smells great. I have that dry skin problem on my leg area. I tried coconut oil and it works.

    • coconut oil works okay for her only. I find the jojoba works better but so expensive =(

  • Aww, look how gorgeous she is! She doesn’t seem impressed with mummy’s props though. I’m a massive fan of The Body Shop and most of my skin care products purchased from there. My skin is more combination and have been using them for the past twenty odd years. I use the coconut, strawberry and mango butters and interchange them and use them with the lip butters too before bed. They’re not all that great for really dry skin but smell delicious.

    Has a skin specialist recommended anything or are you preferring to try natural remedy?

    • doctors seem too keen on steroid creams, which I am not a fan off now that she’s putting her hands into her mouth. I’m sticking to things that wouldn’t cause problems if you eat a bit of it, so that means natural (as possible) and organic preferably.

  • I love anything vanilla and use all the products by Bath and Body Works Vanilla Brown Sugar. The scrub appeals to me. Sorry the moisturizer didn’t work.

    • It does work, the moisturizer, if you have normal skin and not a crocodiles.. like brats.